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  clocks.jpgProfit From Product DevelopmentTM

Bottom-line results for technology companies  through improved product development

Xoterix offers services to assist US and foreign companies to penetrate the US market:

  • Market Research
  • Product Definition
  • Product Design
  • Product Implementation
  • Transition to Manufacturing
  • Product Launch
  • Establish Distribution Channels
  • Establish US Operations

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.: News Updates :.

September 30, 2005: Read our article in the October 2005 newsletter of the Southern California Institute of Management Consultants (

 Are New Product Development Troubles Hurting Your Clients' Bottom Lines?

March 1, 2005: Read our article in the January 2005 issue of Visions, the magazine of the Product Development Management Association ( ) :

Case History: Using a customer-centric approach to align company and New Product Development metrics

September 1, 2004: Xoterix announces series of free pocket guides for company leaders and investors titled "Ten Things..." . Each guide focusses on key questions and answers leaders should be addressing in improving their bottom-line performance through better product development activities.


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