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Img7.jpgXoterix provides a variety of services for technology development companies:


Transitional/Turn-Around Management, Audit & Due Diligence
Independent and objective assessment of the condition and outlook of technology development companies.

Consulting to owners, investors and management of technology development companies or divisions during management transitions or turn-arounds. Facilitation of projects and initiatives.

Hands-on interim management of all aspects of company operations, with emphasis on profitability, effective use of resources and effective product development. Intellectual Property management and portfolio strategy.

The questionnaire xAM Product Development Check-Up for Technology Development Companies is a self-assessment tool which identifies gaps in your product development. Contact Xoterix to conduct this review.

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Contact Us to get a free copy of our "Ten Things CEOs Should Know about Turnaround Management" guide




Product Development Process Implementation
Implementation of a thorough Product Development Process, tailored to your business which increases quality and decreases uncertainty in new product development

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Xoterix has developed a Product Development Process methodology titled Executable CertaintyTM which forms the basic tool for implementing predictable and measurable product development in your company


Time Management Training
Productivity can be increased by multiples if effective time management is utilized. Xoterix has developed simple techniques and tools for all styles and personalities, with immediate results

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