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About Xoterix

Founded in 1982 by Mark Henderson, Xoterix is backed by over 25 years of industry experience.

Xoterix is focused on improving the bottom-line of technology product companies through improved Product Development techniques.

    ex.o.teric adj.

  1. Not confined to an inner circle of disciples or initiates.
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About Mark Henderson

Mark Henderson has worked in product development for over 25 years. During this time, he has developed products and managed product development teams and entire companies. This experience led to the realization that most people and companies do not develop effective Product Development skills and processes, resulting in less than optimum business results. As a result, Mark researched and formalized a large number of management techniques, including a practical process for Product Development.

Xoterix was formed with the mission of providing improved time and project management skills to people engaged in the development of technology products - those based on electronic hardware and software - although these techniques apply equally well to other endeavors.


Currently Mark assists corporate clients in developing their businesses. Prior to 2002, Mark was President/COO of a highly profitable, medium sized company engaged in developing, manufacturing and marketing test equipment products for the communications industry. Before this, Mark held a number of VP and Director level positions in product development with high-tech companies. Mark holds a BS in Electrical/Electronic Engineering.

Mark has had experience working in start-ups, pre- and post-IPO companies and private companies. He has experience managing groups from small teams to hundreds of people, and has managed all aspects of business operations, including Product Development, Sales and Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and Manufacturing.

Mark has extensive international experience, including global marketing and distribution, has travelled widely, and has lived and worked on three continents. The most important thing that Mark has learned is "All We Have is Time"!

Mark has authored and published a book on product development for C-level managers (CEO, COO, CIO, CTO...) - "Executable Certainty - Predictable Product Development" (see Products).

Mark is a Professional Member of the Institute of Management Consultants ( and the Product Development Management Association ( Mark is also an active member of Adaptive Business Leaders (


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