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Xoterix offers a number of products for Project and Time Management:


Executable Certainty: Implementing a Product Development Process
It is widely recognized that a formal (and practical) Product Development Process (PDP) can improve quality and decrease uncertainty. There are few "how-to" resources available to help, however. Implementation of the tested, reliable Executable Certainty process is the focus of this text, with training materials, templates and checklists to ease rapid integration into your company

prod dev team.jpg"Executable Certainty"TM - Predictable Product Development 

A process implementation guide for C-Level Managers (CEO,COO,CIO,CTO...)...................................$249.00

tn_ten things prod image.jpg



Contact Us to get a free copy of our "Ten Things CEOs Should be Asking about Product Development" guide



xAM Product Development Check-Up for Technology Development Companies

xAM is a company self-assessment tool which focuses on the product development process, from identification of customer need, development of a viable business case, through product design, into manufacturing and life-cycle support. xAM allows you to pinpoint gaps in your process and organization. "Executable Certainty" (above) is the tool you can use to fill those gaps - and unlock the full potential of product development



Time Management Software
Xoterix's xPAx time management software provides a complete and general set of tools for managing all time-based activities, including combined priority ("todo") and calendar tasks - a feature not available in any other software tool

xPAx Time Management Software                  

xPAx is written in Java and is runs on all types of computers, from handhelds to workstations            

Img16.pngtn_xpax thumbnail.jpg

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